Paul May

DIY Health - Physical Geography

30 October 2011

A few very quick sketches related to the idea that we don't really understand what happens inside our bodies and that information we receive about our bodies should encourage dialogue.

Physical Geography

Physical Geography - Today's map of your body

A map of your body, delivered each morning to your door. The parts of your body that are probably okay today are shown on the map. Anything that might be amiss is also shown; as a prompt for you to explore further. Today you might want to explore what’s going on with your right shoulder.

Message Tattoo

24 hour tattoo with an important message from my body

Each day a tattoo emerges on the skin of your body. The tattoo gives you a friendly message about all the things that are currently not understood about your body. Today, your body is letting you know that there’s no real consensus on whether, when or how you should warm up for exercise.

IRC With Your Body

IRC with my body

The first thing I do in the morning is get on my computer to chat with the different parts of my body. Today, my shoulder isn’t feeling great again. Something is also up with Pancreas.

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  • Paul May is a researcher, interaction designer, and technologist from Dublin, Ireland. He is currently working with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on smart health applications.